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Well, it's kind of funny how i started making these pull toys. You see, my twin girls who were 1.5 at the time really liked this pull-toy turtle and would fight over it, and I kept fixing it — new axles, wheels, what have you. So I bought some wooden wheels and axles at Michaels and made a simple car out of some left-over maple stair nosing. Attached a simple bracket and string and thought that now they each have a pull toy the fighting would turn to negotiation and sharing of the two toys. Smart parenting huh? Nope. The word “mine” was learned that instant.

So I quickly walked back to my shop to make another car — except I didn't have enough for the top. You know how a car's top, with the windshield and back window are? But I had enough maple to make a flat back window, like a — right! A small pick-up! Worked out just fine.

Now Abigail and Charlotte started to take these things everywhere, dragging them through grass, mud, gravel. Stopping every once in awhile to set it just so on its wheels. These things were getting abused, but in a good, "proud papa" kind of way. So after the first repair (they are not for sitting on, unless you are the family hamster) I thought I should make some more. That way they could have a loaner while I did the repairs.

One thing led to another in my shop and I made about 5 of them, in 3 different designs — truck, sports car & vintage racer. Christmas was approaching and I wondered if any retailers were interested in them. As you probably well know, wooden toys made in the USA — much less your neighborhood — aren't that common. So Meg over at Modern Love in Frenchtown was like, “Sure! Lets see how they do.” They sold, and I thought, hmmmm maybe I should take this a step further. Stopped in at JaZams in Princeton and they asked if I was registered. Uh, what? Turns out you need to register with the good people at Consumer Products Safety Commission in Washington DC. This is a GOOD THING, as they are your kids and you don't want them handling and gnawing on anything questionable.

OK, so that's done and is in business. No toxins, no small parts.

Thanks for your support.


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