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Thank you for considering lomft for your business. You have probably at this point been visited by me and seen a sample. If not I would be happy to send you me at

I believe in the success of these toys and stand by them in every way. I offer a 60-day trial period with 2 toys and a stand (if needed) where they may be offered on a consignment basis. 1 pick-up truck and 1 sports car is recommended.

Common Questions:

Are you registered w/ CPSC?
Yes, is registered as a small batch manufaturer w/ the CPSC.

What are these made of?
Toys are made from hard wood flooring and cabinet offcuts and waste. The wheels and axles are made from maple from the USA. They are finished with an interesting product from Vermont Natural uses whey (a cheese by-product) as a binder and it is totally non-toxic. Wheels are finished with food-grade butcher block oil. Paint is milk paint, again a harmless finish.

Do you have a price list?
Yes, please e-mail me what you are interested in. The pick-up and sports car are production models which are made on a regular basis. Other toys are made as I see fit, so there is a variety. I will discount large orders.

Where are you located?
I live and work out of my home/shop in Stockton, NJ.

I look forward to a productive and profitable relationship.


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